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The Kelo design luminaire is a yard luminaire designed for the Finnish landscape. Its Accoya® body and LED technology represent responsible and sustainable development. Accoya® is a completely non-toxic and ecological choice material. Accoya® is a brand for ecologically and non-toxicly treated wood. Accoya®'s raw material (Pinus Radiata pine) is sourced from responsibly grown certified forests. Accoya® does not require a separate surface treatment
to last, but has a unique 50-year warranty. Untreated Accoya® turns beautiful in a few years. If desired, Accoya® can be surface treated.
Surface treatment agents stay in Accoya® 2-3 times longer than in ordinary wood.

Technical information:
• Dimensions 100 x 100 x 1110 mm
• Electrical power 4.5 W, light output 440-460 Lm
• Average service life 50,000 h L70 / B50
• Available in 3000 K and 4000 K color temperatures

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