Office lighting

Good lighting in the office helps you to concentrate

Office lighting is an important part of workplace comfort. Lighting directly affects how efficiently and with good quality you can work in the workspace. Office work and physical work have their own requirements in terms of lighting, so the right workplace lighting is also chosen according to the work task.

With over 25 years of experience, Laatuvalo offers different solutions for office lighting. We can deliver ceiling lights, table lamps as well as demanding lighting solutions for industrial use. Contact us, or order a lamp suitable for your workspace directly online from our lighting store!

What kind of lamp should you get for the study?

You should choose the workplace lamp according to the type of lighting that suits you and your work best. In office work, high-quality light that feels comfortable to the eyes is important, because most of the day is spent at the workstation.

The lighting of the office should also be chosen according to the type of work being done in the room. When lighting a room used for office work, you should pay attention to different things than, for example, a workstation where physical work is done. Work lighting also has a significant impact on work safety.

For example, in warehouses where forklifts are used, attention should be paid to the lighting of the workstation. Good visibility reduces accidents and increases work safety. When working in an office, you should pay attention to the quality of the light, so that your eyes do not get tired while sitting at the computer or with papers.

At Lautavato, you can find ceiling lamps and table lamps for the study room. There is a large selection of lamps, so you can familiarize yourself with the offer and choose the office lighting that you like. If necessary, we help the workplace or study room in lighting design, so that the end result would be the best possible.

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How does good office lighting affect working?

Good workplace lighting has a positive effect on work performance and comfort at work. Whether it's an open-plan office or, for example, a remote study room, a high-quality lamp is always a profitable purchase. Thanks to the high-quality lighting, the eyes do not get tired while working, and for example, migraines or other strains are kept to a minimum.

Cheap lamps can flicker, the so-called the fliker phenomenon, when the eyes cannot relax. The flickering may be so fast that it cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, a high-quality lamp does not flicker, but produces light evenly. A good light therefore improves workers' endurance when the eyes are subjected to less strain.

High-quality office lamps online

You can find different solutions for office lighting Quality lighting from the online store. We sell high-quality lamps with over 25 years of experience, and in our store you can find thousands of different lamps for office work and other work.

We do too lighting design, i.e. if you need help planning office or workplace lighting, you should contact us. We are looking for the most suitable lighting solution for employees and different work situations.

Improve the lighting and working comfort of your workplace today, and contact our knowledgeable staff or order office lamps directly online!

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