Lighting design

A successful lighting design makes everything easier

Lighting design is an important part of new construction or renovation. The best lighting solution has a positive effect on the comfort of the property, and at its best, the lighting design also increases the value of the property. That's why you should order a lighting plan from a professional.

Laatuvalo offers lighting design that considers the whole. The old saying "Well planned is like half done" also applies to lighting solutions. Good lighting design saves you from extra costs, whether you did a renovation or built a completely new object.

With more than 25 years of experience, we have solved many types of objects and always got a good result. Contact our skilled team, and together we will plan the best lighting for your desired destination! 

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High-quality lighting design is a joint game

Our lighting designer matches the individual aesthetic, visual, interior, financial and technical factors of each object. A successful lighting plan is often created in cooperation with the client, architects, decorators and contractors.

It is important that the cooperation works in all directions, because the lighting affects the electrical design and vice versa. Lighting design is part of the whole, so the opinions of everyone involved in construction and design should be taken into account.

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How is the lighting plan made?

Lautavalo is known for careful lighting design. We always visit the sites to be renovated before making the lighting plan. Our lighting designers implement the lighting of new properties in cooperation with the architect, so that the different features of the house and the lighting are in harmony with each other.

In addition to the object, the lighting design is influenced by the customer's preferences and needs. Some customers want minimalistic lighting, while others want the most detailed lamps for their house. Every customer has their own preferences, and there are as many different types of lighting as there are customers.

However, the most important thing in lighting design is always the light and its quality. A successful lighting plan takes into account all the uses of the space and the needs of the people using the space. Latavalo's lighting designers are experienced, so we can create a lighting plan even for a challenging location.

Benefits of lighting design 

There are really a lot of benefits from lighting design, which make construction easier, faster and more cost-effective. You should start lighting planning as soon as possible, because changing the lighting plan can be difficult afterwards. Thorough planning saves time and money. 


Good and functional lighting is the sum of many factors and choices. Planning begins with tasks related to planning preparation and tasks related to starting planning. After this, the actual lighting design is started, the output of which is a proposal plan, a general plan and an implementation plan. 

In addition, the lighting designer's tasks may include, for example, building permit tasks, construction preparation tasks, lighting designer expert tasks, reception and commissioning expert tasks, and warranty period tasks due to a separate contract or the need of the project.

Good lighting plan 

  • Takes into account the quality and quantity of light 
  • Pay attention to the visual appearance of the lamps 
  • Saves time and money during the construction phase 
  • Clarifies the division of labor in construction projects 
  • Makes it possible to produce the order-delivery process cost-effectively 
  • Ensures a high-quality end result 


Contact a professional lighting designer 

When you need a professional lighting designer, contact Lautavalo's professionals! We make different lighting plans for even challenging locations precisely and in accordance with the customer's wishes. We do lighting design with the quality of the light first, because we want to create the highest possible quality lighting for home, workplace and public spaces. 

High-quality lighting design saves money and time. In addition, well-designed lighting makes the space more comfortable. So contact Lautavalo's professionals, and we will create the best possible lighting plan for you! 

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Commercial and office lighting / Store lighting

Store and office space design is often thought to be part of the overall construction process of an office space. As a result, the overall view of store and office space as part of the brand is incomplete. Work efficiency and comfort have also received too little attention. Branding is bringing new challenges to the space, interior design and lighting design of retail and office premises. New technologies also raise a lot of questions about what is the right light source for any need, no matter how much emphasis on energy efficiency and visuals. We look for answers to all these questions according to the needs of your company.

Outdoor lighting

Exterior lighting consists of building facade lighting, terrace and balcony lighting, walkway and yard lighting, living area lighting and garden lighting. Different needs in the yard areas should also be taken into account. Energy efficiency and long service intervals are also things to consider when lighting your yard.

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Home lighting

The importance of home lighting is immeasurable. Lighting needs to support a wide range of needs for children’s play, atmospheric evenings, cleaning, relaxation and many other activities. A home is a place where people need to be able to calm down and relax. The role of lighting in this task is the single most important factor. When lighting a home, you should pay a lot of attention to visuality, and we are not just talking about lighting, but about light and the effect of light on architecture.

Lighting manufacturers

In addition to the presentation of each luminaire manufacturer, you will find the manufacturer's Product Catalogs.