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Exterior lighting consists of building facade lighting, terrace and balcony lighting, walkway and yard lighting, living area lighting and garden lighting.

The outdoor lighting should be designed as for the functions in the indoor lighting of the building. It is not appropriate for every yard and Kolkka in the yard to be bathed as one light mass, but the lighting levels vary according to different functions and needs. The purpose can be controlled by leaving dark areas that you do not want to go to or do not want to see.

It is most sensible to control the outdoor lighting with clock and twilight switches, as well as motion detectors. As light sources, it is advisable to prefer lamps that last as long as possible without forgetting the qualitative properties of the light. It is important that the light is of a color that does not distort the true colors of the environment.
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Facade lighting

The facade lighting of a building should be implemented in such a way that the lighting solutions and luminaire choices respect the style and architecture of the building. Various means of facade lighting can be used to highlight the most interesting shapes of a building or to obscure less interesting points.
The ultimate purpose of the building's facade lighting is to make the building look stylish and inviting even in the dark.
Despite the pursuit of aesthetics, the entrances should be well lit. In the dark, the door should be able to be opened effortlessly and without fumbling.
Luminaires should be positioned so that they are not susceptible to damage. Another option is to choose impact-resistant luminaires. Lamps should be positioned so that they do not cause glare. The best way to avoid glare is to choose lamps with no visible light source.

Lighting of terraces, balconies and seating areas

The lighting of living terraces and balconies should give priority to comfort. The starting point is the purpose of the terrace or balcony. If, for example, you are going to have an evening party on the terrace or balcony, you need to think about where the food is prepared and where you eat and socialize. 

Good working light is needed in the cooking area to improve safety. At the tables you should see to dine, but also to see the faces of others when socializing without hindrance. In addition to the safety criterion, the lighting of the terraces and balconies as a whole must be pleasant and atmospheric.
There are many interior lighting luminaires on the market today, such as pendant, table, floor and floor luminaires. Using these, the balcony or terrace provides a living room-like space.

Lighting of the yard, passageways and stairs

It must be possible to move safely in the yard and garden paths. The stairs in the aisles should be lit with special care. The lighting in the staircase must be such that the steps stand out clearly. Therefore, in the lighting of stairs, special attention should be paid to the formation of shadows. Shadow formation improves the distinctiveness of the steps, creating contrasts and thus it is also safer to move up the stairs.
It is advisable to place low bollard lights along the yard paths, the light of which is directed mainly to the path surface. This makes it easy for the walker to see where they are stepping. Further afield, such a path seems very inviting.

Lighting of play and game areas

Many yards have areas specifically designed for play or play. It is good to remember to arrange lighting suitable for these areas as well. Then children can enjoy their play and play areas during the dark seasons. In addition, areas become more inviting and attractive when they are perceived to be safer.
There should be good enough light, especially in areas where children are busy. The safe movement of the child in the area must be taken into account in the lighting design.

Garden lighting

The primary function of garden lighting is to make visible pleasant details in the garden, such as plantings. You should choose the desired views carefully.
Suitable objects can be considered, for example, as you want to see when you look out the window, or as you want to see when you are in a certain area of the yard, for example on a terrace, balcony or seating area.
Good lighting increases the comfort of the garden and beautiful details can be enjoyed even in the dark, or outdoor lighting can be used to support the interior, for example.

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