Spanish Oscaluz- Arkos Light specializes in innovative architectural lighting. These high-quality luminaires are well-suited to the interior of a modern home, for example.

Arkos Light (Oscaluz) started business in 1984 by José Luis Latrás Laguna of Spain. In the early days of the company's operations, Arkos Light focused on manufacturing mainly classic lamps, but in the early 1990s, production was changed to meet the needs of technical lighting.

Arkos Light's products are available in 53 different countries and the company is one of Spain's leading lighting manufacturers. The company has invested in high quality and good customer service from the very beginning. Arkos Light has ISO 14001 quality certification and various delivery time guarantees related to the receipt of the goods, for example in Spain it is possible to forward some of the products within 24 hours of placing the order. Arkos Light's factory and headquarters are located in Valencia, Spain, where the company's luminaires are manufactured.

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