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Lighting fixtures are an essential part of every building and living space. There are many options, because there are many lamps and they can be installed in many different ways. However, choosing the right lamps is easy with the help of Laatuvalo. 

We are a lighting store with more than 25 years of experience in lighting private houses, condominiums, workplaces and outdoor spaces. Our selection includes thousands of different lamps, and if necessary, we help the property owner or architect with lighting design. 

Check out the wide selection in our online store or order lighting design for a detached house, workplace or housing association! Through us you can get the lamps online or from our office easily. 

Lighting product categories

In the quality light online store, you will find thousands of luminaires for your home, yard or office.

Lighting manufacturers

In addition to the presentation of each luminaire manufacturer, you will find the manufacturer's Product Catalogs.

The design luminaire is long-lasting
and ecological choice

With lasting beauty, quality and long service life
a design luminaire is a worthwhile investment.


A high-quality luminaire is maintained from one generation to the next. The materials of a good quality luminaire last for years and remain unchanged over time.


The timeless beauty of the individual and stylish design luminaire is maintained from year to year. The value of a high-quality and durable luminaire is not lost. With a long service life, the costs associated with purchasing a quality luminaire level off.

Light sources

Led lamp or fluorescent tube? which light source is most suitable?

Lighting Units

Do you know what snow and candela mean? What about luminance or color temperature?

What should you consider when choosing a lamp? 

If you are going to get new lamps for your home or somewhere else, you should first think about what you want from a lamp. Others like a lot of light, while some people like less light. The dimming feature is also important, as it allows you to adjust the brightness of the light.

Laadukkaat valaisimet kotiin, töihin ja ulos


It is worth thinking about when purchasing a lamp

  • The amount of light
  • Dimming feature
  • The color temperature of the light
  • The visual appearance of the lamp
  • The quality of the lamp

A high-quality lamp is a profitable purchase, because the quality of the light directly affects the comfort of the apartment or business premises. For example, flashing, so-called the flicker effect in the light fixture has a negative effect on the comfort of the space, even if the flickering is so fast that the eye does not notice it. A good quality lamp does not flicker, and good lamps also reproduce the colors of the light better.

What lamps can be found in the Lautavalo lighting store?

You can find a wide selection of different lamps in the Latavalo store. You can find it in our lighting store lamps that can be recessed on the ceiling or wall. You can also order traditional ones through us ceiling lights and table lamps, which you will find in abundance in the wide selection.

From us you can also get special lights that can be installed in challenging locations. Sometimes in various locations, you need lamps with a warranty of up to 10 years in use without maintenance. With the help of quality light, you can also find lamps for special needs.

Whether you're looking for a stylish lamp for your home, a large number of lamps for the needs of a building society, or a lamp suitable for challenging locations, Laatuvalo will help you! You can get lamps from us conveniently and easily online.

How is the lamp installed? 

The lamps that come to the ceiling are usually installed either on a traditional sugar cube or on a modern connector. However, installing the lamp is not always simple, because the color of the wires does not always match the wires in the lamp. You should also find out the dimming protocol, as it varies depending on the cables. 

In principle, all electrical work should be done by a professional in order to avoid expensive and dangerous mistakes. You can also find professional installers for electrical work through Kaaltavalo. 

Quality light helps you find the best lamps 

You can find lamps in the Kaaltavalo lighting store to business premises mixed domestic for different needs. We mainly import quality European lamps and lighting accessories. Our selection includes thousands of lamps from different manufacturers and we have delivered lamps to numerous Finnish homes, public spaces and stores. 

In addition, our lighting shop helps in the selection of lamps and components, as well as in the design and implementation of a lighting system suitable for the space. We want to serve you in all matters related to lighting and help you choose the right lamp for the space. 

Friendly, expert and fast service are the basis of our flexible service. We use the latest know-how in the field as well as high-quality and versatile products. So turn to us when you need help purchasing a lamp or order the lamps online!


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