Industrial lighting

Energy-friendly industrial lighting for companies

Functional industrial lighting is an important feature in production facilities, as high-quality lighting has a positive effect on, for example, work comfort, energy efficiency and work enjoyment. Industrial lighting can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on where the work is being done.

With the new LED industrial lighting, the company can save energy and electricity costs. Kalatuvalo delivers excellent industrial lighting to large industrial halls, assembly lines, metal workshops and everywhere else where high-quality lighting plays a significant role.

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Teollisuusvalaistus teollisuuden tarpeisiin.

The benefits of high-quality industrial lighting

Industrial lighting is an important part of the work process, because good lighting improves the quality of work. With the help of functional lighting, possible mistakes or scratches are easier to notice on the surfaces. Lost tools and parts are also easier to find on the floor, even if they are small in size. Good visibility makes the work process better in many ways.

Industrial lighting has an effect

  • For work comfort
  • For the staff's vitality
  • For job security
  • For energy consumption

Functional lighting has a positive effect on the comfort of employees, because with good lighting there is no need to strain the eyes and thus fatigue is reduced. Industrial lighting also affects work safety, because moving parts and tools, for example, are easier to spot. Outdoor lighting helps you notice various obstacles if you have to drive in the dark, for example, in an industrial area.

An energy-efficient industrial light can bring significant savings to the company, because the lights are on in the industrial space for many hours a day. Industrial lamps are subjected to heavy stress, so the durability must also be in order. Kalatvalo's LED industrial lamps last for hundreds of thousands of hours of use, so the maintenance interval for our lamps is long.


What should you consider when choosing an industrial lamp?

Good lighting can save a company a lot of money, so it's worth investing in industrial lighting. High-quality lighting is an investment that pays for itself thanks to low maintenance and energy efficiency. Changing and maintaining lights is time-consuming and expensive, so a long-lasting LED industrial lamp saves costs.

Laatavalo's industrial lamps are energy efficient, so nature and the company's coffers are saved from unnecessary strain. Saving electricity is a good way to reduce the company's daily expenses and reduce the carbon footprint.

When choosing industrial lighting, you should think about the installation location of the lighting. Among other things, the installation height of the lamps affects how efficient lamps must be procured for the room. The location of industrial lamps also affects the properties of the lamp. Lights installed outside must withstand water, frost and other weather conditions.

Ulos asennettu teollisuusvalaisin kestää vettä, pakkasta ja muita sääolosuhteita.

Order led industrial lamps easily

If you need efficient and long-lasting industrial lighting, contact the professionals in the field! At Laatuvalo, we deliver the lamps you want on a fast schedule so that you can continue working with better lighting.

Teollisuusvalaisimien lisäksi valikoimastamme löytyy valaisimia muihinkin tarpeisiin, esimerkiksi sosiaalitilat, toimistotilat, to business premises ja varastot. Teemme myös valaistussuunnitelmia teollisuuden tarpeisiin,  omakotitaloihin, taloyhtiöihin sekä yritysten muihin tiloihin tarpeisiin. Autamme myös valaistuksen suunnittelussa teollisuustiloihin.

So get in touch with our knowledgeable staff when you need help designing industrial lighting or if you want to purchase high-quality lamps!

Energiatehokas led-teollisuusvalaisin voi tuoda yritykselle merkittäviä säästöjä.

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