Home lighting

The importance of home lighting is immeasurable

Lighting needs to support a wide range of needs from children’s games, atmospheric evenings, cleaning, relaxation to working from home. Lighting is of great importance

Lighting plays a big role in the atmosphere of a home. For today’s demands, it is no longer enough for a room to have one light spot in the middle of the ceiling that is directed on and off. Lighting should adapt to different situations and moods. It can be said that a good lighting designer will not only design the light in the home, but different moods for the needs of the residents. The lighting designer finds the right solutions, technologies and products for these needs, where quality, style and suitability are more important than price criteria. Good lighting plan

A good lighting plan starts with a needs assessment. Every house and every resident is different, so it is important for design to know the needs and wishes of the resident. We therefore recommend that the lighting designer be involved in the construction project at an early stage, before making an electrical plan. The current pandemic situation has forced many to relocate their offices home and it may be that working from home will be more popular in the future. We in Laatuvalo have also woken up to this and, as in the office, we have to find suitable premises with lighting in our own homes. By choosing a lighting designer as part of designing the home of the future, you will be sure to ensure a personal and unique end result.

Lighting of different spaces in the home

Living room

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The living room is a space to relax, spend time with family and friends.
The living room is often assembled in different moods, with lighting
should adapt. In a successful plan, different lighting situations and habits
reconciled in terms of architecture as well as residents.

Different situations require different lighting methods. For a peaceful evening
works very dim indirect light, which can be implemented for example
with wall lamp. Reading requires local light that can be implemented
for example, with a decorative lamp that can be hung on a coffee table or portable
with a foot lamp. Paintings, decorative objects and architectural features
can be highlighted with spotlight. Spot lighting is good to implement recessed, surface or
with rail-mounted spot lights. The living room can be designed in addition
also separate general lighting for cleaning, for example.


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At its best, the bedroom is dedicated to rest, sleep and tranquility. Often
however, the bedroom also has a TV, cloakroom, work station or make-up table.
The ambience of the bedroom is sought to be soothed by the lighting and
with the help of interior design, without forgetting the necessary light from where it is

The bedroom lighting is very well suited for indirect lighting that can be
implemented, for example, with wall lamps or a plasterboard mounted on the wall.
A separate ceiling light point may not be required. The workstation should be lit.
with a portable table lamp, which must select the purpose of the workstation
by; sewing and computer work require different lighting. On the make-up table
should receive high-quality light so that there are no shadows on the face. This
can be realized, for example, with an illuminated mirror or wall lamps. Wardrobes
can also be illuminated using, for example, directional spotlights.
The bedroom can be used as a work station as well as a make-up desk
the color reproduction of the light sources should be excellent. For convenience,
at least indirect lighting should be adjustable.

Bathroom and sauna

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The bathroom and sauna are spaces where you can relax and relax.
The lighting in these rooms should be calm and moderate, security
not forgetting.

Bathroom lighting is very suitable for humid rooms,
recessed spotlights. Depending on the size of the bathroom,
construction and use, something indirect can also be planned there
lighting method.

The solution that works in sauna lighting is to use optical fibers, which are placed
corners and on top of the stove. This keeps the amount of light in moderation and space
outlined, not forgetting security. A separate can also be placed in the sauna
cleaning light to be used when needed. The light sources used in the sauna must be able to withstand the heat. Traditional halogen lamps are suitable for saunas and today there are many that are also suitable for saunas
leds. The lighting in the washroom should be adjustable to create different moods.

Kitchen and dining areas

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Good kitchen lighting is a combination of practicality and atmosphere. It is important that
on the worktops in the kitchen, the light is adequate but also subdued so that it does not interfere
change the atmosphere of the kitchen. Embedded indirect lighting solutions work
especially in kitchens where shelves and cabinets are located above the levels. Often
Also, the kitchen and dining areas are the same space, so it is important to design the kitchen
lighting as a whole. Lighting control should aim to create a kitchen
different situations to create an atmosphere. Dining areas are also often great
an investment target for eye-catching design luminaires and the Quality Light range
we are sure to find the right lighting for your home style and needs.

Home lighting -
lighting fixtures

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can be found in homes well suited

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