Lighting concept

Lighting concept is an important entity in building brand identification. The importance of lighting should not be underestimated here either.

When creating a brand manual or other identification guidance for a brand, it makes sense to include a section that details the lighting objectives, tools, and instructions for use.

Savings and efficiency with lighting concept

When matters related to lighting are planned and documented, it is easier to negotiate business premises, for example, when the requirements for lighting are also clear. There is also often the potential for large savings, as the price of the retail space can also include lighting-related needs. It is also known in advance that the costs of new outlets will have been calculated, as most of the cost calculations have already been done.

Commercially, it is easier to reach the goals when the lighting is already largely planned in advance. The construction schedule also speeds up when there is no need to rethink the details of lighting. Cost savings will also be achieved when purchases have been tendered in advance and discussions on volume discounts have already taken place.

Savings and efficiency with lighting concept

Laatuvalo has implemented lighting sections for several brands in concept manuals as industries, e.g. car shops, women's fashion, household chains and textiles. When you need help with lighting related to your brand, get in touch and we’ll discuss more.