Digital age gym concept Fitness Village

The new concept combines training and gaming in a way that motivates everyone interested in gaming. The character of the mobile game is developed through training, and the benefits of personal training can be seen in e.g. as the character progresses in the game. More detailed information can be found at www.fitnessvillageshop.fi

The chain's first gym will be built in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki, and Creago Oy, a conglomerate specializing in construction consulting services, will be responsible for the architect's and main design of the site. The lighting design of the hall is the handwriting of Laatuvalo. The plan utilizes the latest technology and the lighting fully supports the new gym concept. Only high-quality and energy-efficient light sources are used in the lighting, and the result will stand out visually clearly compared to other gyms.

The premium gym offers spacious facilities and high-quality equipment for fitness, as well as spa facilities for relaxation.

In addition to all this, Fitness Village will provide other fitness-related supplies and services. Supplements and workout clothes can be found on the shelf, and coaching and massage services are available to all.

A new kind of gym is sure to get new types of fitness enthusiasts moving.

Congratulations on your new concept.

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