Bedroom lighting


At its best, the bedroom is dedicated to rest, sleep and tranquility. Often, however, the bedroom also has a TV, cloakroom, work station or make-up table. The ambience of the bedroom is sought to be made calm through the lighting and decor, without forgetting the necessary light from where it is needed.
Indirect lighting, which can be implemented with wall lamps or a wall-mounted plasterboard, is very suitable for bedroom lighting. A separate ceiling light point may not be required. It is advisable to illuminate the workstation with a portable table lamp, which should be selected according to the intended use of the workstation; sewing and computer work require different lighting. The make-up table should receive high-quality light so that there are no shadows on the face. This can be done, for example, with an illuminated mirror or wall lamps. Wardrobes can also be illuminated using, for example, directional spotlights.
The color reproduction of any light sources used in the bedroom at the work station and on the make-up table should be excellent. For convenience, at least indirect lighting should be adjustable.

- indirect lighting (eg wall lamp, plasterboard)

- workstation (eg portable table lamp)

- make-up table (eg illuminated mirror, wall lamp)

- wardrobes (eg directional spotlight)

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