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Lighting concept

Quality Light provides lighting training for those responsible for lighting stores and shops. The aim of the training is to provide awareness of the importance of lighting from the perspective of the customer and the brand, as well as the comfort of one's own work. Lighting training provides the ability to take care of the condition, functionality and maintenance of spare lamps and light sources.

Target groups for education

Store managers and
store managers
Decorators Visualists
Store designers

Content of training

1. Lighting is part of the brand
2. Light as a Physical Phenomenon - What is Light?
3. Light and seeing
4. Starting points for store lighting
5. Light sources
6. Trend
7. Lighting maintenance
8. Lamp maintenance

The benefits of investing in lighting

In addition to the fact that the basic function of lighting as a visibility promoter can be implemented in many different ways, lighting can, among other things, attract customers to the store and guide the flow of customers in the store. Good lighting design boosts sales. Properly designed lighting also increases staff motivation and job satisfaction.

Lighting maintenance in order

Lighting affects the image of the store, the company, the company's products. Regular lighting maintenance includes replacing broken lamps or flashing fluorescent lights and correcting lamp orientations. The good trend of spot lighting can significantly improve the atmosphere of the store as store ownership and products change location. Well-directed light emphasizes the intended product: the image of the brand improves. Imagination has a bearing on a consumer's purchasing decision.


Ympäristöystävällisiä ja näyttäviä kipsivalaisimia Ranskasta

Environmentally friendly and spectacular plaster lamps from France

Atelier Sedap is a French designer lighting company that specializes in innovative, high-quality gypsum luminaires that adapt well to different types.


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Quality light news

Summer is gradually coming to an end, hopefully everyone will have time to enjoy it as it will be a darker time again and we would like to present a few new features.