The benefits of lighting design

Lighting is an important part of the interior, atmosphere and functionality of the home. The space available provides the basis for all activities in the home. Lighting builds different emotional states. With suitable lighting control, the atmosphere in the same room can be changed according to different situations and requirements. Lighting plays a key role in creating the atmosphere. With the help of lighting, the home can be made a pleasant and desired place.
Expert lighting design creates significant added value for the home and increases the comfort of living. Good professional design allocates the budgeted funds for lighting in the right way and saves clear money during the implementation phase.

Start early enough

Lighting design should be considered well in advance of construction or renovation. This saves on costly design errors. It can be difficult to change the lighting system afterwards. Already at the project planning stage, it is worth budgeting for the part of lighting design and lighting. Electrical plans should only be made after lighting plans.

 Allow enough time for planning. Good and functional lighting is the sum of many factors and choices. Planning begins with tasks related to the preparation of the design and tasks related to the start of the design. The actual lighting design is then launched, the output of which is a proposal plan, a master plan and an implementation plan. In addition, the tasks of a lighting designer may, depending on a separate contract or the need for a project, include tasks related to building permits, tasks related to the preparation of construction, expert tasks of a lighting designer, expert tasks of reception and commissioning, and warranty period tasks.

Avoid error solutions

More and more builders or renovators are having a lighting plan commissioned by a lighting expert. The most common reason given is to avoid unnecessary and bad mistakes. In terms of lighting, errors are later very difficult, or completely impossible, to correct. Increasingly, lighting improvements are also being made to renovate the value of a building or apartment.
Modern lighting and, in general, the electrification of the entire property add significant value to the comfort of living, as well as to the monetary value of the property. The biggest mistake for builders or renovators is still that the needs for lighting design are woken up too late, only in the final stages of construction, even when the electrical work has already been done.
The involvement of a lighting designer makes sense at the latest at the project planning stage. The designer helps with preliminary lighting studies, such as lighting needs studies, and sets realistic goals for the project. These measures will significantly assist the builder and renovator in making an investment decision.
When the decision on what to invest in lighting design and implementation is made, it is time to ask for a quote on the design.
Much of the implementation-related solutions are already locked at the design table.
Laatuvalo Oy has a long tradition and strong expertise in lighting design for luxury homes and detached houses. We have designed demanding projects both in Finland and abroad.

Avoid error solutions


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