Lighting design steps


Needs assessment meeting


Based on the discussion, an offer will be made for the design


When the customer accepts the offer, the draft design starts.


The customer comments on the draft (s). If more than one draft is selected, the one will be further processed.


The designer will continue to process the selected sketch into a workable condition, into a lighting plan.


The customer comments on a feasible lighting plan.


Type and catalog luminaires and draw up pictorial design / installation instructions.


The completed plan will be emailed to the customer. The customer comments on the finished plan.


Orientation negotiations with electrical and implementation technology.


Bidding phase for luminaires.


Luminaire ordering / delivery process.


Product support for luminaires during implementation.

The work steps listed above are divided into four different processes: needs assessment, sketch design, general design, and implementation planning. The work step description above is exemplary. In practice, the service package is always tailored to the customer's own needs.

The work steps include a large number of lighting visual and technical details that the lighting designer has to consider in their work, such as what is the function of light in the space, what is done in the space, color areas and materials qualitative factors (several influencing factors), heat output, sound output, availability, flicker, functional factors, design considerations and luminaire placement, etc.

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